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She Loves Horses is All American, All Rock, All Petty. SLH (She Loves Horse) pays tribute to the legend of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, both in band name and in musical legacy.  Founded in 2018, this Indianapolis band takes audiences back to a simpler time when hot summer nights were long, cars were fast, and every radio blared I Won’t Back Down.  When this band takes stage, the audience is carried back to those incredible times.


SLH does not seek to take over for Tom Petty’s legacy. They recognize there will never be another Tom Petty. They seek to carry the legacy of Petty’s melodies and arrangements on with respect. They seek to share Petty’s love for America through music. SLH is All American. All Rock. All Petty.



Don Donner is the lead vocalist and guitar player who "Grew up in an Indiana town" with the same hopes and dreams of any musician.  His biggest desire is to make a contribution to the world of music.  Having been influenced by many of the world's best players, he melds them together into his own unique vocal style.  He believes that even though many artists have come and gone, few have influenced and changed music like Tom Petty. 


Craig "Wattsy" Watson is the rhythm guitarist who has played with many touring groups since the mid 70's. He appreciates Tom Petty’s enormous impact on the American music scene. His rock solid rhythms and soaring vocals are a great compliment to "She Loves Horses"

Nick Boulse is the keyboardist who has been playing nearly all his life. He was trained originally in Classical music. However, when he first heard the Beatles and British Invasion, he discovered modern rock-n-roll. He became a double threat as a keyboardist and guitarist at 14 years old.  He is honored to be a part of this magical synergy of musicians that bring Tom Petty’s legacy to an incredible level.  

Mike Pipes is the lead guitarist who attended a Boy Scout camp at age 12 and witnessed a young man singing and playing the electric guitar.  That was the moment that Mike’s lifelong love for guitar/music/singing began. That Christmas, his parents bought him a Sears Silvertone electric guitar and, after a few lessons and the introduction to a few chords, Mike soon formed rock and roll bands that gigged all through high school and college.  After college graduation, Mike joined a popular local group called “The Bodacious Band”. This band developed a large following and won a local radio station album contest. This resulted in recording sessions, television spots, regular airplay and concerts with as many as 20,000 people in attendance.  

Darrell Cox is the drummer who started playing clubs at age 16 and gained valuable experience before studio work slowly started to come his way. He has appeared on 8 studio albums, national radio, local radio and television, as well as playing arenas nationally and internationally.

Bruce Coombs is the bassist in the band, highly skilled at his position and has performed across the country for many years. He is also highly proficient in sound engineering and brings great energy and presence to the stage with that bottom sound that gives thunder to the music

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